Ask Josh Anything #16

We may be at the point where it's time to admit we have a chain & lube obsession, but we're not even going to try to pull back from it. In this Ask Josh Anything episode, we talk about what chains are preferred and why, where and how often to lube if you're using a wet lube, whether wax lubing needs to be more frequent for off-road riding, and even whether you need to swap cassettes if / when you swap chains that you've set up for different kinds of lube. And that's not even all. We also ask Josh about:

  • Ineos' Giro TT marginal gains
  • Whether frame damping is a thing
  • Wrinkled clothing and marginal gains
  • Where to spend your money to get the most gains for your bucks

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  • Paul Satijn

    Hi Josh,

    Is your secret chainlube wax emulsion suitable for temperatures below 5 celcius??



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