Ask Josh Anything #18

Look, we love every listener question we get here at Marginal Gains. But this episode, Max King asked one that got Josh so excited he said he was pretty sure he was going to lose sleep over it. Of course, we saved that one to the end, but you'll want to listen to the whole show anyway because we've got great questions about the super tuck and dropper posts, off-label use of lube (and many more lube-related questions), marginal gains and handlebar bags, FKT updates, and more. As always, it's a can't-miss AJA episode of Marginal Gains.

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  • john w

    My cycling helmet has a removable visor which I typically wear to keep the sun out of my eyes (and off my nose/face). Am I giving up much — in terms of increased aerodynamic drag — by using this set-up?

    And…a pair of tandem questions:

    What sort of adjustments (if any) should I employ when using the Silca Pro Pressure Calculator to calculate optimal tire pressures for my tandem?

    Regarding a tandem’s timing chain, are there significant frictional differences (i.e., advantages/penalties) in using a belt-drive system vs. a standard chain?

    Thanks very much!

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