Ask Josh Anything…About Wind Tunnels (Part 1)


  • Mike Thomsen

    Hi guys, love the podcast. Tried to email but was undeliverable

    I think you have driven me to be more of a marginal gains seeker than I was before listening to you.

    With the new Hunt Sub 50 wheelset, I was excited and pre-ordered the wheels after reading everything about them including the white paper. As I did a deeper dive into hookless and pressure limitations considering my current setup (bontrager tubeless with a 25 mm measuring 28 front tire 28 mm measuring 30 rear to try to balance aero and rolling resistance as neither meets the rule of 105) always using the Silca calculator. It didn’t seem like I would be able to meet pressures required for ideal rolling resistance with the hookless wheels. 65 psi max with 30mm and I think 72 with 28s. Based on the calculator with my current set up I run 76 psi front and 70.5 psi rear.

    Does the increased aero benefits of hookless overshadow the increased rolling resistance? These are deeper wheels than my current setup so there is some added benefit there.

    I hope this makes the podcast. I cancelled my order but still have interest if there is a Marginal Gain.


  • Robin Seibel

    Hi, Josh.

    I originally sent this question to, but that email was undeliverable.

    I’ve been a dedicated immersion waxer for 4 years (Molten Speedwax). During the warm months, I use Silca Super Secret to optimize protection against drivetrain wear between crock pot dippings.

    I’m now wondering what the best process is for colder months ( temps down to 25°F). In winter I only ride in the dry, and my bike spends a lot of time on my Elite Suito. In the winter I tend to just stick with immersion waxing.

    Do I need to increase the crock potting frequency in winter? Does wax protection from wear change significantly in the cold?

    I’m hesitant to try a wet lube because of how lube splatter on the walls from trainer rides might increase marital strain. And as we know, Young’s Marital Modulus is highly nonlinear and non-stochastic.

  • Nate In Singapore

    AJA question:
    Please help me save my knees. I seemingly do many things in life backwards(except ride bikes) and got into Road and MTB cycling at age 38. As I ramp up after a knee injury, I am modding my road bike with a wider range cassette, looking to go from 11speed 11-30 to 11-38 so I can deal with hills and touring loads. That 38 tooth max is the most I feel I can get into my rear derailleur without blowing up my gears(105). WHERE O WHERE ARE THE 38’s??? All I can find are cassettes that jump from 11-36 to 11-40. What is going on in a bike market that seems to be otherwise saturated in options and products? As gravel and road cycling converges, why the gap?

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