John Cobb - Wind Tunnel Pioneer

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  • David Lilja

    Thanks, John, such an interesting history filled with revolutionary ideas and efforts.

    I guess it’s now time for me to use those Dura-Ace 165 & 172.5mm cranks sets I siphoned off eBay to see for myself that my 180 & 177.5mm sets aren’t my best set-up. But, dammit, then my whole bike set-up will need to change along with my muscle memory training after 50yrs of riding.

    I did briefly try some 125mm arms on my DIY e-bike but gave up too quickly to find if my increased revs allowed more of my motor’s 2.2kW to be usefully used. 180mm TA tandem arms soon replaced those 125s. Maybe a little more work on the aero of a 75kph e-bike would have been useful too, I did get myself low though. I have been watching enough racing & listening to Josh’s MGs podcasts to not be 100% stupid.

    Maybe if John would spend some time developing electric chainsaw motors, then the whole e-bike or e-motorbike world would get us to a future we actually need and want!

    Best come back now John, ya hear!

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