Selene Yeager: Athlete, Author, Podcaster & Advocate


You may know her by her nickname in Bicycling Magazine (The Fit Chick) or you may know her by others' names (she's ghost-written and co-written scores of books), but you almost certainly know her work in one way or another: Selene Yeager is as well-respected as she is prolific in the cycling world. And now she's the host of "Hit Play Not Pause" -- a popular podcast that brings candor and wisdom to menopausal athletes. No matter what kind of athlete you are, you do not want to miss this episode of Marginal Gains!

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  • Ron

    I think we all assume and believe that bladed spokes make an aerodynamic difference, but how much does it actually amount to, ie same wheel, hub, tire but round vs bladed spokes and then of course how much does the shape of the bladed spoke matter? I assume spoke count is also important but assume the count is constant between both. Secondary question, what are the most important factors to consider in an aero wheel. ie rim shape (what % of total aero or how important vs the tire, hub, spokes in the whole system). thanks

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