The Stromm Track Bike: It's All About the Marginal Gains


Industry legends Dave Koesel and Stephen Doll join Josh for a discussion about the Stromm track bike, a frame and fork aiming to take advantage of recent UCI tube shape restrictions being lifted. If you love wind tunnels, marginal gains, and engineers getting into the weeds with other engineers (and let's face it, we know you love all these things), this is the episode for you.


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  • Chris Z

    Hi, my question is regarding boundary layer tripping and tire tread (road tires, aero wheels). It’s my understanding that the conti gp 5000 style tread pattern is generally considered to be a good turbulator, but what do you think about the latest vittoria corsa pro? It seems strange to me that vittoria would release a top tier road tire with a non-aero friendly tread, and that top teams (i.e. Jumbo Visma) would use it knowing it was costing them performance. Thanks!

  • Alek

    Hey Josh & company,

    I’m thinking about upgrading my gravel wheels. Aero aside, does rim width really impact handling? Everyone talks about wider rims, but then manufacturers like WTB, Schwalbe say you can run a 50mm tire on a 19mm. Modern rims exist in a fairly narrow range of 20mm-25mm. Does it matter if you are running 22mm or 24mm for a 40mm tire?


  • Nick

    This is a cleaning marginal gains question – what is the easiest way of removing sprayed sealant from a frame – or is there a way of not having it stick? Anything beyond scrubbing?

  • Jose

    Hello, I live where chipseal is well and truly the majority of roads. What are your recommendations for tyre choice, does it scale with smooth surfaces but multiplied or are certain tyres/types better. For context assume ~70-75kg and strictly performance in large fast bunch. 25mm, 28mm? Latex vs sealant. Many thanks

  • Michael Dyer

    Wow! That was a fun podcast. Super interesting. I have one of the 100 Zipp 3001 frames that I have since retro-modded with a Felt Bayonet fork so it was very pertinent. If I hit the Lotto there will be another Velodrome in the USA. Thanks!…

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