Chain Wax On Podiums All Over the Country

Barry Roubaix Podium

#1 Ranked Gravel Racer Runs Waxed Chains

Adam Roberge has been on an absolute terror this year and when he shows up on the start line, no podium is safe.

Adam has a MASSIVE engine and is putting out some huge power across some of the countries toughest races.  From this epic ride crowning him the champion of gravel worlds, to a 105mi solo chase after some bad luck at Unbound 200, he really puts equipment through its paces.  

That is why waxing his chain is the obvious choice.  

Gravel Worlds Win

Chain Wax Wins In 2022

BWR Kansas

Gravel Worlds

Rooted Vermont

Barry Roubaix


Nepomuk Narly

Top 10's

Mid-south Gravel

BWR Utah

Gravel Locos

Vermont Overland

Unbound 200

Crusher in the Tushar

Leadville 100 MTB


Shasta Gravel Hugger

Okanagan Graveller

Canadian National TT Championships

Mud Shedding

Hot wax is the best lubricant option to shed mud.  Oils will attract dirt and mud and mix it in to create a liquid paste causing premature chain wear and friction to slow you down.  

This year at Unbound we knew there was a high chance of mud on the course.  We waxed a chain for Adam while in Emporia and it helped power him to an incredible 105 mile chase effort after having a mechanical that dropped him from the lead group.  

With such a massive effort ahead of him, he was able to keep the chain cleaner and ride himself from 27th all the way up to 10th place.  Just look how much mud was one the bike and not the chain.

Keeping the chain moving is crucial in such a hard race like Unbound and conditions like this make it so much harder.  

Unbound Chain

Fastest Chain Lube

When flat out speed is what matters, a waxed chain is the only thing that is going on Adam's bike.  This year he lined up for the Canadian National Time Trial Championships after not spending much time on the road.  There is no other choice than Secret Chain Blend.

Even with just recovering from COVID Adam pulled out a gutsy ride to finish 7th on the day.  He attributes his finish to having the absolute best equipment on the day despite still being far from 100% physically.  

There is nothing like having the confidence that you have the fastest set up for race day.  For race day we always set Adam up with a Hot Wax treatment but the beauty of SILCA Hot Melt Wax is that for training he can simply drip on the Super Secret Chain Lube and get about 98% by simply dripping it on the chain.

TT Champs

How to Wax a Chain at Home

Waxing chains has made a massive come back as a ton of cyclists are looking to keep their bike clean, go faster, and save money by reducing drivetrain wear.  We have made a whole host of videos on how to do it at home or you can simply purchase one of our Pre-Waxed Chains.  We are happy to show you how to do this yourself, but sometimes its just easier to start with the chain cleaned and waxed and just use our drip wax so you can give yourself the best shot at your next race.

Step 1: Clean the Chain

Step 2: Waxing The Chain

Step 3: Maintaining the Chain


  • mike

    Hi guys,cant beat a good waxed chain,nothing else comes close,on your silca pump they have a leather cup shaped washer just wondering if you have tried rubber cup shaped washers as many moons ago portable bike pumps had these rubber cup shaped washers and they were very nice pumps,cheers

  • Fred

    Hello. Does the direction of the chain matter? Should I try maintain the same orientation each time I wax it and replace it on the bike? Thanks!

  • Paul Lindley

    These videos are terrific! I’ve watched many of the SILCA waxing videos multiple times…for some reason I have 1) denatured alcohol, 2) Acetone, 3) mineral spirits, 4) SILCA hot wax bag…BUT, now I cant find the video where you talk about when and on what to use the Acetone! (new chain? old chain? previously waxed chain?). Is it in place of the mineral spirits? Is it in place of the denatured alcohol? Your videos are so good that I have confused myself…I’m obviously new at this!

  • Travis Verhoff

    @John, if you add drip wax, you are going to want to give it a minimum of 2-4 hours to dry. If you need to add lubricant mid-ride, oil is the way to go.

  • John unruh

    When I ride a long ride, say over 300 miles, can I apply the drip wax on my hot waxed chain? And other suggestions?

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