Chain Waxing System and StripChip FAQ

Strip Chip and Chain Waxing System

We are big believers at SILCA in the benefits of waxing chains, but the biggest barrier was still the prep work getting it ready to go in the pot of wax.  Our main goal with StripChip and the Chain Waxing System was to solve this barrier and make it easier for people to experience the benefits of Secret Chain Blend and Super Secret Chain Lube.


The Main Highlights:

  • One step process

  • Eliminates the need for degreasers and solvents

  • All in one system

  • Prolongs drivetrain life

The Introduction of Strip Chip

Frequently Asked Questions about StripChip

1. What happens to the factory grease?

We looked to the food industry to solve this problem.  Previously we had to remove the grease from the chain to prep the surface for wax.  Once we learned about the Oleogelation process, we immediately thought about using this for chain waxing.

The process is used to turn liquid fats into solid fats without going through the more widely used hydrogenation process.  The goal in the food industry is to make a healthier alternative to crisco, margarine, etc.

Our goal is to use this process to to convert the factory grease to something that is much closer to a paraffin wax structure.  After over a year of testing, tweaking, and athlete racing we were able to achieve this with StripChip.

2. How does it work?

Olegelation is a complicated and rather simple process all at the same time.  The simple explanation is done by explaining the length of the chemical chain.  

For the example the long chain paraffin molecule we use in wax is 4 units long.  The oleogelator is 6 units long, and the grease is 2 units long.  The real magic happens because the olegelator has a binding agent in the middle that the grease attaches to and splits the chain making two 4 unit long chains.  

This results in a pot full of 4 unit long paraffin molecules along with 4 unit long molecules that look and behave an awful lot like paraffin.  This is why there is no degreasing needed because it "eats" the grease allowing great adhesion for the chain wax.

Wax Chain Graph

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3. Which Method is Fastest?

We developed StripChip to specifically make the process easier without losing the benefits of waxing a chain.  If it lost a little efficiency, that would have been ok, but we haven't seen that to be the case.

We have seen the performance to be near identical and even in some cases have heard reports of increased single application longevity. We are looking into this further but the early reports look good.

"...Synopsis: simpler waxing process, just as fast on the bike."

Alexey Vermeulen

4. Is the wax ruined after I use StripChip?

No! You can use up to 6 StripChips to wax 6 new chains per 500g bag of wax.  If you are running one bike, that should be a decade of new chains.  If you are putting new chains on frequently for new bikes, we suggest getting a new bag of wax for the 7th chain and beyond.  This is due to the ratio of Oleogelator to regular wax.

Once you have stripped your new chain and waxed it, you can simply keep using the same batch of wax.  That 500g bag of wax will typically be enough for 40-50 chain waxings.

Chain Waxing System

Cleaning Between Waxing

5. Who Should Use Chain Stripper

Chain Stripper is great for anybody looking to do more than just a chain here and there.  It is a little more cost effective per chain if you are maintaining a fleet of bikes.  

It is also the perfect solution if you want to use drip wax or regular oil based chain lube like Synergetic.  Every chain lube instruction says to "start with a clean dry chain" for best results.  

It is also the perfect way to clean the chain after a particularly dirty ride, a long adventure when you need to add some oil based lubricant mid-ride, or bringing a slightly used chain to be ready for wax.  

StripChip Steps

  1. Add 400g of Secret Chain Blend to your Chain Waxing System.
  2. Add one StripChip and turn to 125C
  3. Remove a chain from factory packaging
  4. Loop the Chain Coupler through every 8th outer link
  5. Dip the chain and agitate.  Then let sit for 10 minutes
  6. Drop the temperature to 75C
  7. When the temperature reaches 75, remove the chain and hang to cool
  8. Install and go for a ride

StripChip and the Chain Waxing System are aimed to bring chain waxing to everybody.  For all those not wanting to mess with the cleaning required for the traditional chain waxing method, this is for you.  If you were already one of the dedicated chain waxers, this just saves you a ton of time and chemicals on your next chain, plus gives you an incredible looking and easy to use wax melter! 

Let us know what other questions you have on the process and we will be sure to answer them!

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