FAQ to the SILCA Customer Service Team

Here at SILCA we try to make sure everybody who has a question about something we do gets it answered.  There are a few people you may interact with, but our Customer Service Manager, Martha, sat down to share some of the most frequently asked questions and her answers to them.
  1. What is the best Chain treatment for me?


This is the most common question that I get! Whether you should be using Hot melt wax, Super Secret Chain Lube, or Synergetic depends primarily on how much effort you're willing to put in for maximum chain efficiency. Hot Melt Wax is going to be our fastest option, but to get the full benefit you will have to put in some time prepping and waxing your chain. Super Secret Chain Lube is our next fastest lubricant and takes a bit less effort than the Hot Melt Wax to apply, but it still requires a really clean chain for the first application and needs time to fully set on the chain. Synergetic is our third fastest option and can be applied right on top of factory lube and requires no time to set. Josh does a great job breaking down this question in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BioDifO22uE


  1. What sort of maintenance should I be performing on my pump?


Our pumps are built to last you for many years to come, and with just a bit of maintenance, you can ensure that you're getting the best performance possible! For routine maintenance, add a bit of lubricant to the leather gasket about once every year (or more if you live in a dry or salty environment). I like to do this in the winter when the air is a bit dryer as this can affect the gasket. You can check out this video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_7yyzR6SmU) to see how this is done. Other than that, just replacing the chuck gasket every 3 to 5 years will be all that you need to do to keep your pump working well. If you find yourself needing to do a complete restoration, check out this video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPt94ADMkWc


  1. Which replacement gasket will be compatible with my chuck?


Every 3-5 years, you may find that your chuck is not creating a seal on the valve stem quite as good as it did before. If that happens, then it's time to pick up a new chuck gasket. We offer a few chuck replacement gaskets: the 242, 323, 254, and 252. The 254 is compatible with the Hirochuck. The 252 is compatible with the Disc Wheel Adapter. The 242 is compatible with any of our bell-shaped Presta chucks. The 323 is compatible with the modern Impero Ultimate, Pocket Impero, and Reversible Chuck. You can see how to install new gaskets in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhi0BABpFFo


  1. Which replacement leather gasket is compatible with my pump?


The best way to determine the size leather gasket that you need is to measure the internal diameter of your pump barrel. If you get 28mm, then you will need the 731 leather gasket. Most pumps produced before 2008 will have an internal diameter of 28mm. If you get a measurement of 30mm, then you will want to pick up the 741 leather gasket. To see how to lubricate a new leather gasket, check out this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXPesPm_FNI


What other questions do you have that we can answer for you?  Leave them in the comments here and we will answer as many as we can!  Happy riding!


  • Travis Verhoff

    @Robert That is a great question that we see from time to time. Gauges are the most accurate in their middle third of the pressure range. With the name Pista meaning track, getting to those higher pressures is necessary, but it also allows the most common road pressures 60-100 fall in the most accurate range of the pump. We don’t currently have a lower pressure gauge available but keep your eyes peeled.

  • Robert Mitschke

    Dear Silca-Team,

    I bought a Pista Plus pump and am very impressed by the look, feel, and most importantly the build quality of it. What I’m not very exited about is the gauge: It’s pretty small and above that it has an unnecessarily broad range. I’ve got five bikes and common tire pressures range from 1.7bar/15Psi for the MTB to 6bar/90Psi for the race bike young timer with tubular tires. My main race bike has 26mm tubeless tires which need 4.8-5bar/70-72Psi, the allroad bike needs about 4bar/60Psi.
    So my question is: Are you offering a replacement gauge with a lower maximum pressure than the 15bar/220Psi the Pista Plus comes with? If not: Can you please tell me which thread the gauge uses? Maybe there is a pressure gauge from another manufacturer that fits the pump.


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