How a Graphene Wax Coating Protects Your Frame

In a perfect world, your bike never sees anything but sunny skies, perfectly smooth and clean tarmac, and nothing to scratch that pristine paint job.  In reality that sunshine can cause fading of the paint, the little rocks that the tires kick up can chip the paint, and any number of other small contaminants can come in and destroy that factory paint finish.  

A ceramic coating is going to be the most effective defense we have against damaging paint.  It certainly won't be bullet proof but will help keep dirt from sticking, scratching, and damaging the finish.  The addition of Graphene to the finish makes it a measurably stronger.

What is a Graphene Wax?

Waxed Frame

Unlike other coatings on the market that typically contain polymer resins, a graphene wax will creates an extremely durable nanotech coating.  Once the coating is cured, it fills all those imperfections in the paint similarly to our Synergetic Chain Lube that creates the Tribofilm layer.  This allows all the contaminant to abrade the graphene coating rather than the paint itself.  

Why Use a Graphene Wax on Your Bike?

The automotive industry has embraced protective coatings for years now and even started to use graphene as an additive shortly after its discover about 10 years ago.  They have gone this route primarily  because it is resistant to heat, chemical interaction, water, and impacts, which makes it an ideal product for paint protection.

This is exactly why its important to protect your bike with graphene wax as well.  Nobody wants to see that pristine paint job that left the bike shop be all scratched up in a matter of weeks.  

Why not just use carnuba wax


Carnuba wax is what has been used for years in your traditional car wax that has been in big box stores for years.  Carnuba does a great job at some short term protection and providing a lustrous shine to the paintwork of a car or your bike.  It doesn't however last very long and offers significantly less protection than even a ceramic coating.  

Ceramic coatings are typically made out of a silicone dioxide which is a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Graphene Wax on the other hand is just under a diamond at a 10.  It is one of the hardest substances known to humans and since it can go on one atom thick at a time, it is the perfect substance to use for paint protection.

Preventing Dirt

Graphene wax is the best product to use to prevent dirt and dust from sticking to your frame.  Graphene wax is extremely hydrophobic meaning that layer that is already protecting against scratches, helps water run right off the frame, taking any dirt with it.  It is this same property that keeps the dry dirt from sticking to the frame in the first place.

After a dusty ride you will be able to take a dry microfiber towel and wipe the frame clean to a factory finish since that dust doesn't like to stick to the graphene wax.

Graphene Myths

Myth 1: My Bike Can't Get Scratched with a Graphene Coating

The hardness scale rating of graphene does not take into account the pressure applied so big rock hits, sliding out in the final corner of your local crit, and other common causes of damage to your frame are still going to scratch your paintwork.  What the graphene wax will do is help to reduce swirl marks from dirt scratching your frame, small road debris from scratching the clear coat or paint, and helps prevent small scuffs that might have otherwise caused visible damage.

Myth 2: A Graphene coating doesn't need maintenance

While Graphene coatings are about the best possible coating to prolong the life of your paint, they do have a lifespan.  We typically recommend reapplying every 3 months or so to make sure that you have the absolute best possible finish for years to come.

Common Graphene Questions

How Long Will It Last?

Graphene wax coatings on bicycles will have their best performance if they are refreshed every 90 days or so.  If they are perfect conditions on the road they can last up to 180 days of protection.  

How Do I Maintain a Graphene Coating?

Regular maintenance with our SILCA Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash will encapsulate light dirt on the frame and remove it without scratching the finish and leave behind another traditional ceramic coating.  This double layer of protection can add additional life to your finish and ultimately to the paint work.


  • Aaron

    How do I best remove the wax fakes off my frame and components after waxing my chain?

  • Aaron

    What would you recommend for protecting raw frames, such as titanium?

  • Travis Verhoff

    The graphene wax is absolutely safe for matte finishes and will help keep it looking great.

  • Kevin

    Is this safe to use on a matte finish?

  • terry

    Can the graphene wax be used on matte finish paint jobs?

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