The SAS and MOSAIC Project

We chatted with Riley McTague, Partner at Search and State, about a collaborative project with two of the most progressive bicycle builders in the industry. The natural pairing of these two industries: fashion and bicycle, resulted in a classic, but trendy custom design. Utilizing premium brands, such as SILCA, speaks to the heirloom quality and the collectibility of art in motion. The project summary, specification list, and photo gallery are below. 



These bikes were the end result of a collaboration among Search and State, Mosaic Cycles, and Black Oak Velo. The bikes are slated to be shown at the National Handmade Bike Show in Dallas this year.  Search and State focused on the paint scheme and the design aesthetics of the bike, while Mosaic did the frame and custom parts, and Black Oak Velo in Old Greenwhich, Connecticut completed the bike-build and handled all components and trims. We painted the SAS bike in a custom desert camo and the Black Oak Velo bike in their shop colors. The paired bikes were painted by Spectrum Paint and Powder in Boulder, Colorado. 

It was a super easy process for us to all get on the same page as we had a common vision from the start: To contribute equal parts and build unique bikes that represented what all 3 of us do best.  We have been focused solely on Made in New York City apparel and soft-goods for as long as we have existed, so when asked to design a bike we jumped at the chance. We have a long-standing relationship with camo prints in our garments so it only felt right to design one that worked for the bikes as well.  We are beyond pleased with the results. Full specs for both bikes are below. We went all out and left absolutely nothing on the table. These bikes are fully-loaded and decked out to the gills. - Search and State






SILCA and Mosaic


For more information on this project and future projects with SAS, please visit their website:

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