Tattico Bracket Mount

What is it?

TATTICO and TATTICO Bluetooth® frame-mount bracket with retaining strap.

Who's it for?

The cyclist looking to securely attach their TATTICO or TATTICO Bluetooth® mini-pump to more than one bike without swapping brackets.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs

Why We Designed It:

The TATTICO bracket is a great way to carry your SILCA TATTICO and TATTICO Bluetooth® mini-pump. This bracket is designed to hold the TATTICO and TATTICO Bluetooth® pumps in a secure and discreet location under the bottle cage using the supplied longer water bottle screws.



  • Strong injection molded bracket
  • Durable silicone retaining strap
  • Two M5 screws to attach water bottle cage and frame-mount bracket
  • Compatible with TATTICO and TATTICO Bluetooth®
  • NOT compatible with Pocket Impero or other mini-pumps


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