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103 Derailleur Hanger

103 Derailleur Hanger

Rear Derailleur Brand
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Improve your shifting performance with a new derailleur hanger that is up to 12x as stiff as the stock aluminum hanger and 2-10g lighter

• Direct Mount Hangers 8-12x stiffer
• Direct Mount Hangers 4-10g lighter
• SRAM hangers 5-7x stiffer
• SRAM hangers 2-6g lighter
• Improves shifting performance
• Reduced risk of minor hanger mis-alignments after crashes
• Frame saving fracture notch design allows the hanger to become sacrificial under the hardest of impacts

Lifetime Warranty


The SILCA Lifetime Warranty covers products from manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the user.  It further covers the function of all hard parts for 7 years from the date of purchase.  Expected wear and tear is not covered.  Learn more about warranties.

Derailleur Hangers are also covered under a 2 year crash replacement program.  If it breaks in a crash within two years of purchase, reach out to sales@silca.cc and we will offer 30% off a replacement hanger.

    SILCA 3D printed titanium derailleur hangers bring increased strength and stiffness to this overlooked component so critical to quick and precise shifting. Modern electronic derailleurs shift so fast, and with such force, that conventional hangers made from low grade aluminum plate will flex up to 4 degrees during a shift resulting in less precise and slower shifting. Using advanced 3D modeling with AI generated structural infill, SILCA 3DP Hangers are 2-7x stiffer than aluminum hangers while also being 2-6 grams lighter depending on model.

    For Shimano Direct Mount compatibility the SILCA 3DP Direct Mount Hangers offer 8-12x higher stiffness with 4-10 gram weight savings by eliminating the use of the direct mount link from the assembly.

    Already in use at the World Tour level SILCA 3DP Hangers were utilized in 2 stage wins of the 2023 Tour de France and are credited with maintaining derailleur alignment across numerous crashes.

    SILCA 3DP Hangers are able to be aligned by hand, and are designed with an internal fracture notch which allows the hanger to fracture and bend below the point of damage for the carbon frame to eliminate the risk of frame damage under the hardest of impacts.

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