Tire Levers Premio

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What is it?

Ultra-premium tires levers optimized for carbon rims produced using a hybrid construction of forged alloy and reinforced nylon.

Who's it for?

The uncompromising cyclist who needs a solution for safely and efficiently dismounting tight tire-to-rim assemblies.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs | Getting Started

Why We Designed It:

Modern carbon rims and tires create a real challenge for traditional tire levers, and the new wave of tubeless setups have take the challenge to the next level.  Tire fits are tighter than they’ve ever been, while carbon rims require non-metal levers to resist damage to the bead or brake surface during use.

Previous solutions to this problem have involved using a metal core inside of a plastic lever, however this solution has its own challenges as the core of the lever is where you can add the least stiffness and strength.  This leaves metal core levers both less stiff and heavier than they need to be.



  • Forged alloy blade 
  • Reinforced nylon Rim Shield safe for use on carbon rims
  • Integrated spoke-hook wing
  • 105mm x 25mm x 7mm (Perfect for Seat Roll Asymmetrico or Mattone)
  • Weight (Two levers and neoprene sleeve) - 36 grams
  • Lifetime Warranty

Getting Started:

Tire Levers Premio were designed for safe use on carbon fiber rims if used properly and as intended. To ensure proper use on your specific set of wheels, you MUST refer to your wheel manufacturer's guidelines on using tire levers. 

In the meantime, here's some general advice from us.

  • Tire Levers Premio should ONLY be used to remove the tire. Never use a tire lever to aid in tire installation. This is not the intended use case for the tool and could result in damage.
  • Make sure the orientation of the blade of your tire lever is correct before use. Using a tire lever that is upside down is not only more difficult to use but it could result in damage.
  • We don't recommend using tire levers if you're using latex inner tubes.

If you would like to learn more about features, functions and maintenance of Tire Levers Premio, please visit the SILCA resource center. 


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James P.
United States United States
The Best

In this age of tires that just won't go easily onto your wheels, these tire levers will bend, but they won't break! Definitely worth the money!

Stuart B.
United States United States
Adios Pedro!

Could these be the replacement for the favorite indestructible Pedros lever! Yes they are! Slick, strong and silent…like an Italian bouncer!

Ben M.
Rockin' levers

Who would have thought a pair of tire levers could be so sexy?

John R.
Robust tyre levers.

These tyre levers are well made and very robust indeed. Having used them to help replace tyres, they did not slip at all and made the job a lot easier to complete. I recommend them to anyone who is considering buying them.

David D.

The spoon end could be a little bigger