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Hirobel® Frame Clamp

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A clamp designed for bicycle repair stands to securely and safely hold your bicycle. Modern carbon fiber and aero shapes are designed to go fast, not be clamped in a workstand. Safe on paint.

• Non-marring, paint safe cones
• Extruded aluminum construction
• Retaining straps for extra security
• Eliminates costly repairs of clamping a
frame and cracking the carbon

Lifetime Warranty


The SILCA Lifetime Warranty covers products from manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the user.  It further covers the function of all hard parts for 7 years from the date of purchase.  Expected wear and tear is not covered.  Learn more about warranties.

    The pressure clamps used on contemporary work-stands were developed for round steel tubing more than 40 years ago, predating carbon fiber, aluminum, aerodynamic and oversized tube shapes, integrated seat masts, dropper posts, and suspension systems.

    These legacy designs assume your bicycle tubing to be both round and straight. When it is not, the clamp can impart very high point loads at the clamp edges causing finish damage, internal carbon layup damage, or outright crushing of tubes on the lightest designs.

    With Hirobel®, specially shaped, paint-friendly cones and bindings cradle the frame at the tube intersections, where wall thicknesses are higher and forces can be distributed over much larger surface areas. Adjustable and adaptable for any possible frame design, the Hirobel® also allows the repair stand clamp to be located closer to the bicycle's center of gravity, improving stability and eliminating bouncing of the bike during heavier work while also locating the drivetrain consistently higher for the mechanic improving visibility while reducing back strain.¬† Covered by SILCA's Lifetime Warranty.

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