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Classic SILCA Rebuild Kit (242 Gasket)

Regular price$ 65.00

If you have a vintage SILCA Pista or SuperPista from prior to 2013/2008 respectively with a bell shaped chuck, this is the rebuild kit for you. All the parts you need to get it running like new

• Full Metal 200psi Pressure Gauge (3%
• Continental 200+psi Hose and Swiss
Made Clamps
• 731 Leather piston gasket
• NFS Pump Lube (Pump Blood)
• 242 Full Synthetic Chuck Gasket

Limited Warranty


Parts covered by SILCA Limited Warranty are considered to be subject to wear through normal use or are consumable subject to degradation through the course of their daily use.  SILCA guarantees them free from manufacturer defects for 2 years.


    If you have a classic Pista with a Presta Only chuck, this is the kit for you. Everything you need to make your pump perform even better than it did when new! 

    Kit contains:


    This kit will transform your classic Pista into a state of the art workhorse. Each component has been recreated from modern materials and processes to be superior to the original equipment supplied with your pump. In about 30 minutes, your pump will be working at higher efficiency, with less effort, and at higher accuracy than it did when new, in fact, it will function at higher efficiency and greater accuracy than any non-SILCA pump you could buy new today!


    Hose and Gauge covered under SILCA's Lifetime Warranty, chucks and gaskets are covered under the Limited Warranty.