SILCA'S Super Secret Chain Lube Runs Efficiently and Effectively

The Journey and History of SILCA'S Super Secret Chain Lube

Chances are that you just bought the new chain lube and trying to figure out how to prepare for the application. The videos below are in chronological order to draw you through the journey of SILCA'S Super Secret Chain Lube. If you don't want that kind of story, and just want the goods, the two main instructional videos you must watch are offered below for quick reference.
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1. Cleaning The Chain (on the bike)

All lubricants work best on a chain stripped of factory grease, but wax especially works best when it can bind directly to the metal. SILCA's Chain Stripper is the perfect option for on or off the bike cleaning

1a. Cleaning the Chain (off the bike)

The ultimate performance comes from cleaning the chain off the bike. Rather than using harsh chemicals such as mineral spirts and acetone like was previously necessary, Chain Stripper is the perfect option. Simply submerge your chain, shake, wait 5-10 minutes, rinse with water, and hang to dry.

2. Hot Waxing The Chain

For the best performance if you are after speed, drivetrain longevity, cleanliness, or application longevity comes from a hot wax application. Once the chain is stripped, dip the chain in wax, wait 5 minutes, and hang until it is cool. It will dry very stiff and excess wax will break off once you start riding.

3. Super Secret Drip Application

Super Secret is a great option for those not wanting to remove their chain but still wanting the performance of wax. It is also the perfect option for topping up your hot waxed chain in between hot waxes.
Application is done best cross chained in the biggest rings possible to allow maximum penetration. Apply 1-2 drops per roller while rotating cranks backwards. Once the entire chain is coated, spin the cranks 5-10 times, and let sit for 8-24 hours.

3b. Layering Up

If you are using Super Secret as your initial lubricant we suggest a process we call layering up. After each of your first three rides on the lubricant reapply to reach maximum efficiency. After this initial period, every 150-200 miles is ideal.

4. Extending the Life of Chain Wax

Waxing your chain can bring a new level of quiet, cleanliness, and performance to your bike. Once it is waxed the maintenance is simple.

Chain Maintenance FAQ's

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