SILCA'S Super Secret Chain Lube Runs Efficiently and Effectively

The Journey and History of SILCA'S Super Secret Chain Lube

Chances are that you just bought the new chain lube and trying to figure out how to prepare for the application. The videos below are in chronological order to draw you through the journey of SILCA'S Super Secret Chain Lube. If you don't want that kind of story, and just want the goods, the two main instructional videos you must watch are offered below for quick reference.
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1. The Announcement

From the beginning, this wax-based chain lube, containing tungsten disulfide, hit the market with so much interest due to the technical advantage it provides.

2. The Initial Installation

This process is different from your average chain lube, if you want longevity, a quieter chain, and a cleaner drivetrain. This might be the option for the entire fleet, no matter the discipline.

3. Cleaning the Chain

With most chain lubes, which are oil based, you don't need to follow these instructions. If you are a hot wax veteran, then you know how important this step really is for the efficiency of the wax-based lube.

4. Installing the Chain

Once the chain has been degreased, power cleaned, you are now ready to either dip or drip. The recommended method is the dip method; however, your chain longevity will benefit from either method.

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Super Secret Chain Lube is available in three sizes