Your Shower in a Bag!
Available in USA - launching soon in other markets!

Active People Can Keep Clean!

Instant shower in a bag. Use a Crud Cloth anytime you would have killed for a shower or sink, but none were available. Ever use an instant ice pack before? If so, you can handle this.

Simply Smack!, Squish, Tear, and Scrub. Crud Cloth is activated by popping the inner soap pod filled with 100% natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils.

A Cloth Like No Other

You are one tough cookie. So are we. Tired of wimpy baby wipes disintegrating under load? Our rugged 100% cotton terrycloth washcloth (12" x 12") will power through the crud and then some. So durable, you can wash it and use it over and over again! So clean off your face, your body and your bike. Yeah, it's that tough - just like you.

The Power Of A Shower With The Convenience Of A Wipe

We know what works. Like a shower. Water, soap- it's pretty simple. So our portable and convenient Crud Cloth pods are infused with real soap and water. Just the right amount of gentle soap and water to give you that shower clean feel—with no residue! Safe for your whole family. 100% natural ingredients. Just soap. Just water. Just fresh and clean.

Naturally Power Through The Crud

We use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils + a cleanser made from plants in our soap pods. Separating the wet soap pod from the dry washcloth + vacuum sealing keeps Crud Cloth extra fresh and vibrant for just when you need it.
"Sometimes the hardest part of being an inventor is knowing when to let go. When I learned more about SILCA's ability to grow innovative brands, it was clear that Crud Cloth was in great hands and could help so many more people experience adventure without the fear of getting dirty."

- Tim White, Founder of Crud Cloth