The cycling world is eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring and the start of the Classics. These races are among the most challenging and prestigious in the sport, with cobbled roads, steep climbs, and unpredictable Spring weather making them a true test of a rider's ability. Fans from around the world eagerly await the start of each event, knowing that they will witness some of the most exciting and dramatic moments in cycling. With that rich history, this pump showcases the colors of the weather and the hope for the coming season.


Summer weather sets the stage for some of the most iconic and grueling races in professional cycling - the grand tours. These multi-stage races, including the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and Vuelta a España, take place over several weeks in the peak of summer, showcasing some of the most beautiful scenery and challenging terrain in the world. With warm temperatures, clear skies, and long days, summer weather can be both a blessing and a curse for riders. From the mountainous peaks of the Alps to the stunning coastal roads of Italy and Spain, the grand tours are a true test of a rider's endurance, stamina, and mental toughness. This pump is a tribute to the magic of the summer cycling season.


As the leaves turn shades of gold and crimson, fall weather brings a unique flavor to the world of pro cycling. The changing colors of the foliage and the soft light of autumn sunsets lend a sense of beauty and serenity to the backdrop of the races. However, the season's unpredictable weather can also bring about added challenges for the riders. Yet, these challenges only add to the excitement and drama of the fall racing season, with the bold and vibrant hues of the changing leaves reflecting the passion and determination of the riders as they push themselves to the limit in pursuit of victory.


Winter weather can be both beautiful and challenging for cyclists preparing for a new season of racing. The blanket of pure white snow and the crisp winter air create a sense of calm and stillness that can be rejuvenating for the mind and spirit. The gray skies and monochromatic landscape can at times feel bleak and uninspiring, but they can also foster a sense of determination and grit in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges, the winter season serves as a crucial time for riders to lay the foundation for the year ahead, building strength, endurance, and mental toughness as they prepare for the excitement and drama of the racing season to come.


Through all seasons of weather, cyclists endure a world of emotions and challenges. From the cool grays of winter to the muted tones of fall, the changing seasons offer a stark and challenging backdrop for the riders. Each season presents unique obstacles, from the icy roads of winter to the gusty winds of spring, demanding unwavering focus and determination. Yet, riders press on, driven by their passion and dedication to the sport, undaunted by the monochrome world around them. In every ride, they push themselves, their grit and resilience shining through in every pedal stroke. This pump is a tribute to that year-round journey.


New Zealand artist and cyclist, Caitlin Fielder's collaboration with SILCA to hand paint colorful and intricate custom-detailed SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition floor pumps is the merging of art and cycling into one-of-a-kind heirloom creations.

Caitlin's stunning and vibrant depictions of the four seasons, from watery blue-greens of spring to the fiery oranges of fall, were a true testament to her artistry and skill. Her attention to fine details and mastery of color has brought each pump to life, evoking the emotions and energy of each season. Additionally, her monochromatic all-season version is a striking interpretation in a powerful way, for the fifth pump in the collection.

Together, these five works of art truly capture the essence of the seasons, and are a testament to the power of collaboration between talented artists and custom pumps from SILCA.