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Three Thicknesses, Over Nine Colors, Award-Winning

Bar tape that allows you ride longer with greater comfort even in the harshest of conditions

Tri-laminate Design: The Features You Need, Right Where you Need Them

In traditional bar tape materials the tape is extruded as-is, or molded to develop a thin 'skin' of non-expanded foam at the surface. The designer must choose between competing parameters: more durable foams are much harder, more cushioning means less grip and so on. By using a laminated design, SILCA engineers can put the exact material in the exact right location. So the outer Ply of SILCAthane is tuned using the same materials used in high performance eyewear for maximum grip, durability, and cleanability. SILCAlon was developed from the 2-Hour Marathon shoe foam for ultimate cushion and rebound behavior for maximum comfort and speed. Having 2 top layers of low-damping materials, SILCA uses a 3M Viscoelastic damping adhesive to put the perfect amount of damping right where it needs to be in order to reduce handlebar 'buzz' without sacrificing comfort
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Tour Magazin 2020 Bar Tape Test Winner

We are humbled and excited to be announced as Tour Magazin's Test Winner in the bar tape category. The idea to develop a bar tape that has the best dampening, great rebound, and most comfort has finally been realized. Thank you Tour Magazin, Germany for recognizing the potential in our NASTRO CUSCINO.
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Why SILCAlon Foam?

  • Originally developed for 2 Hour Marathon Shoe
  • Low Hysteresis/High Rebound Foam
  • Highest level of functional cushioning
  • 135% More Cushion Traditional Foam
  • Lighter than EVA or TPU Foams

Why Silcathane?

Each NASTRO bar tape category features a texture that is optimized for maximum grip.
  • Built to last: 5-10x Tougher than traditional bar tape
  • Retains 2-3x more grip when wet compared to skin foam
  • Highly tunable for Handling in Wet/Dry Conditions
  • Waterproof, non-staining: reduces corrosion, easy to clean

What is 3M Visco?

  • Kills the buzz and not your hands
  • Adds just enough damping to kill road buzz
  • Strong, waterproof bond, stays in place better

How to choose your bar tape...

Depending on your discipline and other factors, determine which bar tape type is best for your ride:

Variable Options

It's simple. We can provide you guidance based off comfort, support, dampening, etc. In the end, choosing bar tape really depends on you and how you ride. The NASTRO bar tape collection has four thickness options to help increase your speed/wattage output with more comfort for greater endurance. The guide to the left provides the fundamental features available.

Also consider our Crash Replacement Program as an added guarantee for the season. Bar Tape maintenance is a key element for the pros and allows you or your mechanic the ability to see what lies beneath the tape. Is it possible your bar tape is holding your bars together? Hidden damage is also a concern and bar tape replacement should be part of every avid cyclist's routine.

Additional Resources

HOW TO VIDEO: How to install bar tape

Josh Poertner shares his best practice for installing bar tape to improve longevity and effectiveness. Josh has several years in the cycling industry and develops products that combine advanced technology and high performance. The NASTRO Piloti bar tape was designed to improve grip, even when wet, and reduce vibration.

SILCA Crash Replacement Program

With our ‘crash replacement’ program your SILCA Bar Tape is covered for any crash for 1 year! It is subject to wear and tear and covered against manufacturer defect for 2 years.
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NASTRO Development Story

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