The Brand Advocacy Team

2023 SILCA Brand Advocate Program

January 4, 2023

Are you inspired by SILCA technology? Do you want to be the first to connect with new SILCA products? How do you feel about sharing your experience with the SILCA brand and our products?

We are searching for the top Brand Advocates to join our 2023 team. The SILCA Brand Advocate Program is a year long commitment to helping promote the brand, products, technology, and services. We will be interviewing several candidates and only choosing 5-10 individuals for the team. We are searching for a diversified team with strengths in social, blog, and video content.

We are asking for our Brand Advocates to be part of the R&D process for new products and contribute to field testing which will improve the go-to-market experience for all our customers. So, if you enjoy being part of the process, talking about the brand highlights, and sharing information about new products, then this could be an enriching experience for you.

As a SBA, you will receive new SILCA products prior to launch, inside information regarding product development, early access/information to special events and launches, Pro Deal access to our full product offering, and affiliate link options with a competitive commission rate.