SILCA-Shield Warranty

SILCA-Shield Warranty

After nearly 100 years in business we are proud to have a reputation as makers of the finest and most durable pumps and tools on the planet.  One key aspect of producing the finest products is understanding what happens to them in the field, and how we can improve upon them over time. Because of this we place a very high value on learning from our customers, both when our products excel, and when they do not.  In order to maximize learning  and ensure our customers have the finest possible experience we have created the SILCA-Shield Warranty

SILCA-Shield is our exclusive warranty coverage for Ultimate Level products.  This is THE most comprehensive warranty in all of cycling, and guarantees you a lifetime of performance from your SILCA products. It includes -

  • 25 Year Hard Parts Guarantee -  You break any hard part, we'll replace or repair it.  This is not a typical 'manufacturers defect' but any failure of any hard part in regular use. For 25 years.  
  • 6 Months No Fault - No questions asked repair or replacement to correct functional damage regardless of cause.  Drop it?  Drive over it? Dog eat it? We understand bad luck and unfortunate circumstances, and would like to help you out.
  • With registration, we'll extend the No Fault period to 2 years. Register your Ultimate Level Product HERE.


Currently SILCA-Shield applies to the following products:

Super Pista Ultimate 

Impero Ultimate

HX-One Tool Kit

Pocket Impero

Hiro Locking Presta Chuck


If you need help, or have a question we can be reached via phone or email.

Phone: +1.317.964.0592



A little bit of "fine print."  We hate to have to call it out but...

Non-Hard parts are parts that will by their nature wear out, and can't be covered forever. This includes

Leather Gaskets: These are considered wear parts and are guaranteed to last 5 years

Gauges:  Gauges are only guaranteed to remain accurate for 3 years as they are subject to fatigue from use and are sensitive to shock, overpressure and impact. 

Rubber Gaskets: These are considered wear parts and are guaranteed to last 2 years.

Shipping: For SILCA Shield "no-fault" warranty requests customers are responsible for shipping to and from SILCA HQ. Please ship the products back to SILCA HQ with a return label in the box.  We will make sure the repair is expedited when it returns and having return labels in the box will only make it a faster process for you to have your parts back.  Manufacturer defect warranty claims: the customer is responsible for shipping the products to our SILCA HQ and we will cover freight on its return to you.

Additionally, we can't cover cosmetic damage.  We make tools, and we expect you to use them.  A lot. Tools get scratches, and we count this as a good sign that they are doing their job.  We hope you do to.