Disc Wheel Adapter

What is it?

An ultra-compact disc chuck adapter designed to access Presta valves in the tightest spaces.

Who's it for?

The racing cyclist who demands the ability to get their aero disc wheels prepped in a quick, simple, one person, profanity-free effort.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs | Getting Started

Why We Designed It:

The unique bright red gasket borrows from industries which require air-tight seals in the harshest of environments and tests to a life expectancy of more than 5X the carbon filled rubber or Buna-N materials.  The 252 gasket mates with a new compression head design allowing the user to tighten the gasket fit by nearly 200% with a simple twist of the cap.  In tests with a major disc wheel manufacturer, the SILCA Disc Adapter literally blew away the field by posting a blow-off pressure of 393 psi, more than 3X the pressure achieved by any competing design. 



  • CNC’d 6061 aluminum alloy construction
  • Knurled gripping surfaces
  • Threads into any Schrader pump head
  • Easily replaceable gasket

Getting Started:

The Disc Wheel Adapter is ready to use when removed from the package. If you would like to learn more about features, functions and maintenance of the

Disc Wheel Adapter, please visit the SILCA resource center. 


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