SILCA Titanium Straw Set

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What is it?

Reusable, sustainable titanium straws laser engraved with the SILCA logo and hand anodized in one of 6 different colors. Take them wherever you go! The set of straws feature one straight and one bent straw option to cater to different size cups. 

Who's it for?

The person who is sustainability and fashion-conscious and wants a cool straw with a better strength-to-weight ratio than ALL the other straws!

Why We Designed It | Product Specs


Why We Designed It:

We are always thinking about the sustainability of our products and the legacy it leaves. It's why we still build pumps from repurposed leather of the Italian fashion industry. These straws were developed from our own Sicuro Titanium Cage production.  

Early in the Ti Bottle Cage development process, we realized that we could yield 6 cages per stick of tubing from the mill but were left with roughly 1" of scrap tubing per cage.  By modifying our bending and using the thinnest possible cutting blades, we now have exactly 8.5" of leftover Titanium tubing for every 6 bottle cages produced.  This means that the ONLY waste from the Ti Cage production process is in the saw kerf (material turned into shavings when cutting) giving us a 99.9% material utilization rate!


  • 6.35mm Diameter 3/2.5 Titanium tubing
  • One straight 8.5" + One bent 8.5" Titanium Straw
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning pads
  • Straws are ultrasonically cleaned in our factory, but it's a factory.. please wash them before using it!
  • Rainbow anodize is done completely by hand in a process that involves an operator raising and lowering the straw while manually altering the voltage.  As a result, no two will be quite the same and will all be slightly different from the photos
  • Lifetime Warranty


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Absolutely Worth It

Yes, the idea of a $15 straw is absurd on the face of it. I assure you, once you buy one titanium thing, you will want every metal thing to be made of titanium. For me, it started when I bought a stainless steel Chicago Comb, regretted it, gave it to a friend, bought a titanium one, and I was so impressed I bought one for my dad. Since then, I've been trying to get just about anything I can in titanium. Combs, bicycle components, chopsticks, straws, etc. You will not regret it.

Brian T.
Lightweights, fits under mask

I bought these for travel so I could drink on the plane without removing mask. The bent straw will easily go under an N95. Being titanium, they’re super light and perfect for throwing in a backpack.

Liam L.
Very nice straws

They are ti, they are straws, and they are beautifully made. Recommended!

Todd N.

Theodor R.
The fanciest drinking straw ever

As a father of a second grader, we have straws of various styles in the house. To reduce our plastic/non-recyclable waste, we’ve had stainless straws for a while but have only found them in the ultra-boring straight format. Enter the SILCA Titanium Straw Set! As a product, they live up to the superlative quality typical of SILCA products. The length and diameter recall the proud history of drinking straw design while the ultra-light titanium construction allows the committed drinking straw aficionado to perform drink *******, end-of-drink slurping, frozen pea race blowing, and spitball-launching duties at higher levels of performance than thought possible. The ends of each tube are beautifully finished with clean, perfectly-perpendicular cuts and smooth, consistent edges. The anodizing is saturated with color, and is applied with consistent coverage over the luxurious luster of the media-blasted surface. Finally, the regal Silca logo, located at a perfect proportional distance from the end, is etched with precision, recalling the finest metal surface tooling one finds in products from Geneve. Bravo!