Andreas Klier on becoming a Marginal Gainer

Andreas Klier has been focused on competitive cycling since his early teen years. He became a pro in his first year as an adult and went on to become a spring classics specialist. He’s only win in those early season races was the 2003 Gent Wevelgem but he did come close at Flanders on a couple of occasions.

Some believe he has a better understanding of Flanders than the Belgian racers from that region. If there was a wheel to follow while squeezing down the narrow roads of the Tour of Flanders, it was Andreas Klier’s. So when EF’s Alberto Bettiol won Tour of Flanders in 2019, it was no surprise that the man calling the shots from the team car was Andreas Klier.

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  • Furniture Garden

    I must say, I think your really on point with this, I can’t say I am completely on the same page, but its not big of a deal.

  • David

    Hi guys, absolutely love the podcast and the serious detail you bring to so often overlooked issues. I was wondering if you could help with an issue that has rocked by confidence on the bike lately?

    I ride a road bike with factory Giant carbon (disc) wheels. I decided to move from 25mm to 28mm tyres after your discussions recently, but due to the 17mm internal diameter of the wheels, the tyres actually sit wider than the rims. This isn’t great for aero gains, but more worrying is what feels like a reduction in stability when cornering on these wider tyres.

    I had a close call recently with a car right on my tail, as I rounded a corner and felt both wheels slip and regain grip, which could have been the end of me! Ever since, I have descended delicately and I feel really unstable when cornering.

    Could it be that the tyres are sitting higher and the contact pad is smaller? I am running about 75PSI in both tyres.



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