Ask Josh Anything #13

We've asked you to ask Josh anything (kind of meta, we know), and you do not disappoint. In this episode, however, we completely lose track of the "ask" thing because we are SO GEEKED OUT on Ronan McLaughlin's new Everesting record. If ever there's been a full-circle Marginal Gain moment, this is it. Listen and you'll understand.

Eventually, however, we do get to your questions, including:

  • The most reasonable way to measure your wheel circumference
  • The best bike positions ... if you take aero OUT of the equation (hi Zwifters!)
  • Whether new pavement means you should start putting more air in your tires
  • How nearby barriers affect your time trialing

We love our listeners' questions. Keep them coming.

Got a question you’d like to ask? Text or leave a voicemail at the Marginal Gains Hotline: +1-317-343-4506 or just leave a comment in this post!

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  • Matthew Roach

    Hi Team-

    Here’s a question for Ask Josh Anything that I hope he’ll like to sink his teeth into.

    I’m racing triathlon on an original Zipp 2001 with the Softride beam.

    I’m spiralling down the rabbit hole of marginal gains- having swapped out the full drive train for DA (originals are kept safe) modifying a Felt Bayonet fork

    Here’s my issue- I’m running 650c tyres so options are thin on the ground

    I have Zipp 909 tubs and well as HED tri spoke clinchers.

    What are my options for optimal rubber and what other directions can I take to seek further marginal gains. The cockpit I have at the moment is a hodgepodge of CobraWing basebar and Zipp Vuka extensions. The armrests are held in place by very average J clips.

    Not a great solution.


    Matt Roach


    Western Australia

  • MJ McClure

    I’ve been riding a high performance recumbent for the last year and working hard to develop climbing and sprinting power. The technique is quite a bit different from a traditional bike and takes time to develop the muscles, which is why a lot of roadies think that recumbents can’t climb. That said, I think that once acclimated to the position, there are benefits including being able to brace with the hips and engage the glutes in a way that isn’t possible on regular bike.

    I’m an hour north of Indy if Josh ever wants to see what’s up with racy recumbent bikes. I have a friend and fellow recumbent rider who’s faster than I am nearby, too. We’d be happy to drop by and do some testing with you!

  • Nick

    Question about the best way to look after an cyclocross chain when using a drip wax? Last season I ended up with external rust adding the drip wax after washing so what is the best approach?

  • Martin Flanagan

    Great episode (as ever). This is the best cycling podcast by a country mile. Thank you so much for continuing to amaze me. Can I ask about speed wobbles and what causes them. I used to get them on motorbikes but I’ve never had one on a bike.. until today. I was going downhill on my aero toad bike which is fitted with disc brakes and 60mm deep section wheels. Front tyre is a gp5000 23mm, rear is same but 25mm. There was a blustery side wind. The front wheel started to wobble uncontrollably from side to side and the front wheel felt light as in not on contact with the road. It started at 50 mph and didn’t stop until I stopped it was very difficult to not fall off. It felt like a gyroscopic force. While it’s a tenuous link, being able to ride without falling off is definitely a marginal gain. Would you be able to explain the physics of what causes this and any suggestions on how to avoid / control.

  • David Benson

    The discussion re an indoor racing position brings this to mind. Televised roller racing in Australia, 1970-ish.

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