Bike Club NFT



The Bike club has been operating under the same model for years -- decades. Bike Club NFT seeks to change that by turning memberships into digital assets. Some things under the old model are still true but as Josh finds out, Bike Club NFT has some new twists too.

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  • Tyler

    I have two question about the two best topics. Lube and aero!

    Can I treat my fat bike chain to the full spa wax treatment? I ride in Canadian winter so -20C is pretty common.

    How can the Roval Rapide CLX front wheel work from an aero perspective? The front wheel is 35mm wide and the rim pokes out on each side of the tire. The A is bigger but is the CD better for some reason?

    Thanks love the podcast

  • Tyler

    Here’s super simple instructions on how to join our Discord, also posted at top of the “Registration Tent” welcome page.

  • Xaver

    Hello MG crew. I have had a question haunting me for a while regarding a different topic. I sent an email a while ago but never got a response and so I forgot but now i try again: is there scientifcal data on the difference of rolling resistance between a front and a rear tire? My assumption would be that since front brakes are wildly more efficient due to the mass of the bike pushing into the front end the same physics would apply to rolling resistance making the front more susceptible to resistance than the rear. I might be wrong though. Educate me please! Thx in advance, avid listener Xaver

  • Matthew Kime

    I make my living as a programmer, never bought an NFT or cryptocurrency but I understand it at a high level – I’ve attempted to join bike club and I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I made it to the discord server but it lacks a straight forward “here is what you need to do”.

    I’m disappointed to see this NFT content in the marginal gains podcast. I just don’t get it. I understand the bike club bit…but why NFTs? Can it be explained without talking about NFTs? If not, then its a solution looking for a problem.

    If you can’t explain it to a five year old then maybe you don’t understand it yourself. Anyway, I’m going to return to my cryptocurrency free cycling life.

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