Failure and Marginal Gains

Here at Marginal Gains, we are NOT big fans of the old saying, "Failure is not an option." As far as we're concerned, failure is not only an option, but a valuable part of development. In this episode, Josh gets into how he changed his mind about failure, why we see failure at the sharp end of the sport, and why mistakes we make as riders can lead to marginal gains.

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  • lee woodhams

    Great podcast!

    My question is about the hour record, I haven’t heard this covered but I’m sorry if you have and I’ve missed it.

    I noticed looking at the records and times through the history of the event that the length of the track changes, 333m in Eddy Merck’s case and 250m in Chris Boardman’s case. In your view how much difference would this of made? Assuming the corners are the same angles, banking etc would it be better to spend a higher proportion of time on the straights or not?

    Thanks everyone. Best podcast out there!

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