Jordan Rapp and Marginal Gains

Jordan Rapp is one of the true greats in triathlon. You may know Jordan as a 5 time Ironman Winner, or maybe as and ITU World Champion.. Or maybe as a US pursuit champion on the track.

Nowadays, his claim to fame includes the fact that he designed the Alpe du Zwift (and much more of the gameplay on Zwift, for that matter).

Enjoy this episode as Josh and Jordan discuss all things bike-related, and how they both played important roles in each other’s careers.

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  • Jeremy

    Hi! Quick rim related question. I’m running 32mm tires on a not at all aero steel bike. I’m looking to buy new wheels. I found two rim models that interest me and are about the same price. One is 45mm deep with a 28mm outer width. The other is 35mm deep with a 32mm outer width. My understanding is deep and wide is ideal, but if I had to choose between the lesser of two evils, which is the best choice for aero performance? Will more watts be lost by a shallow (but wide) rim or a deep (but narrower, and thus smoother tire interface) rim? Thanks! -Jeremy

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