Marginal Gains: Russ with Path Less Pedaled


  • Farrbott

    Great episode. Big fan of PLP since they travelled NZ. Bring back 26” wheels IMHO

  • Tom Heenan

    Question for AJA: this year the 11/4 mile Arlington Million horse race was won in 1:58, second place was won by a nose. The winner won $630k, 2nd $200k and 3rd $100k. If you applied marginal gains to jockeys’ clothing, would third place have been second or even first? Given the money in horse racing, why haven’t they tapped into what looks like maximal gains to me (helmet shaping, tight clothing, aero materials, shaped body armour, jockey position optimisation). If you goggle aero testing for horse racing there’s virtually nothing there, it looks like an open market to change a sport!

    Love the podcast, thanks for doing it.

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