Phil Gaimon and the Best Worst Retirement Ever


Phil Gaimon takes on serious topics, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He uses his social media to document is KOMs and occasional Everesting attempts, but also takes us on interesting rides and shows us how cyclists and motorists can get along on the same piece of tarmac. Phil is a fantastic climber, an advocate, a humorist, a Silca athlete and a newlywed. It's a pleasure to have him join us on Marginal Gains.


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  • James

    Hi Josh, Fatty and Hottie,

    Here’s another question for a future podcast: Does ambient temperature significantly affect the stiffness of a tyre?

    For example, would a 28mm tyre at 0°C/32°F be signficantly more stiff than the same tyre at 25°C/77°F? (Assume both tyres are inflated to the same pressure).

  • James

    Hi Fatty, Hottie and Josh,

    My name is James, I live in Australia. (I tried calling your hotline without success!)

    I’m curious about the effect of internal rim width on tyre performance when cornering. I can’t find much authoritative information online.

    If a rider installs a 28 mm road tyre on a wheel with an internal width of 19 mm, I assume the shape of the tyre and how it deforms during cornering will be different to a 28 mm tyre on a wheel with an internal width of 25 mm.

    Does one setup offer better traction and handling than the other? Have wheel or tyre manufacturers investigated this topic?

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