Ronan McLaughlin: Using Marginal Gains to Set an Everesting Record

Shortly after setting a new Everesting record — obliterating Alberto Contador's time by 20 minutes — Ronan McLaughlin reached out to Josh with some remarkable news: Silca Products and the Marginal Gains podcast had been an important piece of his extraordinary accomplishment. Needless to say, Josh immediately set up this interview to talk about Ronan's incredible accomplishment.

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  • KC Merckel

    I would like to know more about re-applying the super-secret lube and using super-secret lube in conjunction with the hot melt wax. How do you reapply super speed lube? Use a wipe to remove anything on the surface and reapply? Strip the old super-secret lube every time? You eluded to doing reapplications during the Everesting episodes but I always like more info. Also, how about using these products in super dusty conditions? Thanks for the great products and podcasts!

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