Talking with Factor Bikes' Rob Gitelis

Factor is a relatively new name in the industry. But after just a few years in the marketplace, a leading publication put Factor alongside Giant, Specialized and Cannondale as the next bike to own. And Factor has been brought to prominence by Rob Gitelis. In addition to applying his experience as an engineer to build a really terrific bicycle, Rob has shown incredible instinct to quickly elevate the Factor name. In this conversation, Rob tells Josh how many of the most popular bike products get made.

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  • Jose Antonio

    Hi Josh and everyone.

    I’m interested in marginal gains when taken altogether. In a bike, if you change a set of 40mm aero wheels for a new 50mm aero wheels you would probably get some gains at certain speeds. But what if I change the whole bike? Is there a big or small marginal gain if you change between the best bike from brand A to the best bike from brand B? I’m talking about top brands, how much difference could it make to use the bike Ineos Team is using vs Movistar Team, or any other top team in a top race like the Tour? I guess that difference is not as big as in F1, but is it big?

    Thanks a lot for your podcast, it’s become one of my not-to-miss ones.

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