The Weight Weenie Episode

The Weight Weenie Episode

There was a time when weight was thought of as the most important — if not only — consideration for more speed. That's obviously no longer the case, but weight does still matter. In this episode, we look at when, where, and how much weight matters. If you've ever hoisted a bike to get a sense of how much it weighs (yes, that's all of you), you will not want to miss this episode of Marginal Gains.

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  • JG

    I enjoyed the weight weenie episode and have a few non-climbing question about weight.

    What real world impact does weight have in an accelerating on a flat road?

    If Force = Mass * Acceleration (f=ma) and Final Velocity = Initial Velocity + Acceleration * Time (Vf=Vi+at), solving for Acceleration gives f=m(Vf-Vi)/t. So if Vf and Vi are the same, a lighter rider needs less less time for the same force to accelerate or they need less force to accelerate in the same time.

    Of course this does not incorporate air resistance, rolling resistance, etc. So is there much of a real world impact in a 150 vs 180 lb rider accelerating from 20 to 30 mph? Needing 4 vs 5 seconds to accelerate and respond to an attack can lead to huge differences in race outcomes. Or needing 800 vs 1,000 watts to respond in the same time.

    Thanks in advance, JG

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