Kristen & Nick Legan: Mud, Mayhem, & Marginal Gains


Uncover the winning strategies of Kristen (and Nick) Legan in our exclusive interview! Gain valuable insights from Kristen's epic 2023 Unbound XL triumph and discover the power of the Marginal Gains mentioned throughout!


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  • Matt Jones

    I’m starting to look for a new bike and while looking at all the options I started to wonder. What is the bigger gain, an aero frame with exposed cables or fully hidden cables on a non (or less) aero bike?

  • John

    Carbon rim brake wheel AJA question. What are the limits with latex and TPU tubes regarding heat under braking conditions? I’ve noticed some TPU and latex tubes do not recommend usage in rim brake wheels, is there any issues with tubeless also? I’ve been running latex for years and no issues but now I’m worried! Love your work, thanks again.

  • John Drysdale

    josh, I just finished watching the tdf stage 16 time trial and had a strange thought: “i cant wait to see what Josh P has to say about Pogacar changing bikes before the final climb to save 2.2kg.”. i bet it would he a 1:00 minute deficit had he not swapped. His power, his aero, that grade… TT all the way imho. This feels crazypants and i wonder who made that call? i suspect it was not engineers if you get my drift. :-P

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