Chisela Computer Mount - Origin Story

At the end of 2021, the EF Pro Cycling Team asked us to create the ultimate aerodynamic computer mount to fit the Wahoo computer to their FSA 5D and 6D handlebars.   
Front of the Peloton

Leveraging cutting edge aerodynamic development, 3D printing, and state of the art ceramic coatings, the Chisela computer mount was born.  The Chisela is aerodynamically optimized for the cleanest possible airflow under both the Wahoo and Garmin computers and features a unique 'T-Tray' mounting system inspired by the T shaped underfloor of an F1 car.  This T-Tray mounting system allows for quick-release style attachment of lights or cameras underneath the mount, just slide and click to mount and then pull on the lever and slide off to dismount. Best of all, the T-Tray system adds virtually no additional weight and has no aerodynamic penalty, while also locating the light or camera aft of the computer for improved weight distribution, aerodynamics, and appearance. Chisela comes in 7 fitment options.  The Standard and Wide fitments work with traditional 4-bolt stems, while the other fitments listed are 3D printed specifically to your stem or frame as listed.

Spacers for Perfect Fit

Suggested order:

Stem + Large Spacer + Small Spacer + Chisela + Mounting Bolt = Success!

Exploded Chisela


Black Cerakote Coating is standard, plus includes interchangeable computer pucks and the light/video removable accessory mount

Garmin/Wahoo Puck Inserts

Printing a Titanium Computer Mount

Computer Mount Fitment Chart

Chisela Fit chart

Updates From Feedback

When we worked with EF to create an aerodynamic computer mount for the fastest of races in the world tour, we did just that.  The feedback we got was that they also wanted a version for their training bikes that could run lights as visibility and safety around cars is becoming more and more of an issue.  

We went back to the drawing board and shared a design that integrated the light mount into the titanium mount but there was an aero penalty of a watt or two to have that light mount that wouldn't be used during racing.  

Back to the drawing board again.  We finally landed on our T-Tray sliding mount that would allow riders to slide a light on and off in seconds and even added a screw mount for added security.  This eliminated the aero penalty as it could simply be removed but gave them ease of use on training days when visibility more important than aero gains.  We arrived at what is now the Chisela computer mount.

Simplicity In Sizing

When we created our first computer mount, the Mensola, we sought to create the perfectly sized computer mount for every stem.  We heard from our customers that it was too difficult to measure for a computer mount, it was hard to switch between bikes, etc.  We created a much simpler version of the computer mount sizing with just two sizes to cover every stem we could find on the market.  The standard Chisela covers all stem bolt spacing between 9-30mm and the Wide version covers 23-40mm.

This sizing even gives us a 7mm overlap to make small errors in measuring no issue.  Now you can choose which size you would like and it isn't locked into a single stem.  Change the light, change the stem, deciding to swap from Wahoo to Garmin or vice versa? it comes with both pucks so you are ready to go out of the box.  

If you are running a number of integrated bar/stem combos we likely have a Chisela option for you as well.  Our first design was for the Vision Metron 5D/6D bars in collaboration with EF Education First Easy Post, but we quickly wanted to create designs for the Black Inc bars, S-Works/Fizik mounting system, Madone, and a traditional two bolt system that also works with the Bontrager Blendr system.

Chisela diagram

What Customers are Saying

It’s lightweight, looks cool and cleans up my cockpit. I may buy two more for my other two (non-titanium) bikes.

Robert L.

Is it pricey? Yes. Is it solid? Also yes. My last computer mount was the standard blendr mount from Trek Bontrager, and boy was it rattly. The chisela holds my Garmin 1030 Plus with zero rattles. It also looks super clean and aero. The detachable T Tray is a good addition if accessories are needed. Take the T Tray off, and it looks even more aero. Good purchase, would buy again

Hedy C.

3D printing Titanium opens up the possibilities of design to an almost limitless potential.  We use DMLS printing which spreads a 60 micron thick layer of 6Al/4V titanium powder over the printer bed.  That is 60% the thickness of a single piece of copy paper.  A laser then welds the pattern to create the design, the elevator drops 60 microns, and the process is repeated until the entire product is printed.  

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  • Ed

    Is the CHISELA COMPUTER MOUNT (MADONE V1 AERO) compatible with the Gen 7 Madone?

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