Replacement Presta Valve Core (set of 4)

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What are they:

The highest quality valve cores for presta valve stems which use removable cores.  These can be used to upgrade or replace your existing valve cores in tubular, tubeless and high end clincher inner tubes.


  • 100% CNC Machined brass valve cores with roll formed threads for higher strength
  • Tighter tolerances allow for increased airflow and better tolerance of sealant and contaminates
  • Full synthetic seals resist aging and are more resistant to damage from sealant
  • Pack contains 4 valve cores and 1 valve core removal tool
  • Limited Warranty

The Story:

So we've always noticed how really expensive tubulars had such nice valve cores with smooth edges and high quality seals that resisted sticking.  When we started developing SILCA Tubeless valve stems, we set out to find the best cores, and realized that only a handful of companies make them globally.  After a lot of phone calls, emails and discussions, we knew instantly when we had found the ones we were after.  Fully CNC machined with roll-formed threads these cores give themselves away with their spun-formed tops that keep the valve nut from unthreading too far.  Most companies crimp the threads here which damages them such that the nut cannot thread over..we find the extra effort to spin form a perfect little mushroom head on the top of the valve to really say it all: these are carefully made.  Icing on the cake is the use of fully synthetic seals for both the stem seal and the core seal, this means that the core will resist aging and cracking for far longer while being significantly more resistant to both synthetic and natural based sealants if you are using tubeless.  Best of all, this additional thought, care and attention to detail costs almost nothing over lesser cores while saving you pain and suffering over the coming years.

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Paul M.
United States United States
Quality replacement

OEM stem valves don’t last forever in a tubeless sealant setup and an inventory of these quality replacements are a must have in my tool chest at home.

Mark I.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Silca valve cores

I was needing to buy some replacement valve cores for my mtb tubeless tyres. The old valves kept getting clogged with sealant, leaking, and not tightening up or being able to get them undone. Theres lots of different brand valve cores that all look the same or very similar. These ones had the best description. Ordered to the UK with no problems and took 16 days to arrive. I was kept updated via my parcel tracking app. I've not used them yet but I'll replace my valve cores with these new ones soon. Great thankyou.

SILCA Replacement Presta Valve Core (set of 4) Review
Dave D.
Presto Valve Cores

Excellent and a must have on hand in that emergency kit for tubeless tire setups!

SILCA Replacement Presta Valve Core (set of 4) Review
Raymond B.
Excellent quality

I use these on my MTB. They work well with tubeless tires, they don't clog with sealant.

Carson S.
Just what I needed and quick!

Thanks. My old ones were gummed up with sealant. I thought I needed a new pump, so this saved me some cash, which I promise I will blow on other Silca products.