Bicycle Maintenance

Leap into the first cleaning before the spring riding season starts. This is a Recommended 8-point checklist maintenance pre-check. From handle bars to the rear tire, this guideline will get you on the road, trail, and/or commute.

1. Clear the dust and begin assessing the bicycle condition.

2. Replace your bar tape and look for structural damage to the handlebars from the last season. Video for help:

3. Check your mobile pump before you hit the road. Make sure the gaskets have not deteriorated or cracked, common in plastic O-rings.

4. Confirm your on-bike pack for quick access to road-side maintenance. What's in your pack? Consider compartments to keep soft necessities are secure and usable. Tips and Tricks on packing your on-bike pack:

5. Inspect your bottle cages for potential wear.

6. Consider your plan of attack for chain wear due to frictional loss. Does the chain need to be replaced and what kind of maintenance are you most comfortable. Which chain lubricant do you choose?:

7. After checking your bicycle for overall structural stress, tighten loose parts with torque tool with precision.

8. Check the optimal tire pressure based on why type of riding you will be doing. Use the SILCA free, online tool the SILCA Professional Pressure Calculator: