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SuperPista Digital Floor Pump

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A high mount digital gauge giving .5psi readouts and 1% accuracy. This is the one pump to rule all others. Fat bikes to track tubulars and everything in between are all covered in this one pump.

• 1% accurate, top mount digital gauge
• .5 psi readout
• 0 - 220psi
• Ash handle
• 731 Full-Grain Leather gasket
• Hiro locking-lever chuck (disc wheel
• Two CR2032 batteries included

Lifetime Warranty


The SILCA Lifetime Warranty covers products from manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the user.  It further covers the function of all hard parts for 7 years from the date of purchase.  Expected wear and tear is not covered.  Learn more about warranties.

    With specifications more akin to a suspension fork than a traditional pump, the SuperPista combines a full metal shock piston design with the classic Italian leather plunger washer and self-lubricating linear bearings to create the highest efficiency, smoothest running SuperPista to date. Efficient, accurate, durable are the trademarks or the SUPERPISTA DIGITAL floor pump.


      - Either Manually press the power button on the display or begin pumping.

      • The display will auto-on and time-out after use.
      • Pressing the power button while active, changes the unit of measure.
      • The control buttons adjust the target pressure alert.
      • If over-pressured, the display will show an error. Releasing air will reset.

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