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Bike Care Box Set

Regular price$ 135.00

Get the entire set and get two free microfiber towels, a foam applicator, and chain stay stickers free! Keep your bike clean and squeak free all year around!

• Ecapsulates and removes oils and grease
• Cinnamon scent
• Clean Rinsing
• Encapsulates dirt to prevent scratching as it is removed from the surface
• Cherry Glow Scent
• Protects against scuffs and swirl marks for 90 days
• Margarita Scent
• Encapsulates light dirt and removes from surface
• Leaves a traditional ceramic coating behind
• Pina Colada Scent

Limited Warranty


Parts covered by SILCA Limited Warranty are considered to be subject to wear through normal use or are consumable subject to degradation through the course of their daily use.  SILCA guarantees them free from manufacturer defects for 2 years.

    Get the line of bike care products to ensure you can keep your bike clean year around.  The Ultimate Brake and Drivetrain cleaner to completely strip your cassette, stop brake squeal, and strip the chain.  Use the Ultimate Bike Wash to encapsulate the dirt and remove it from the frame and components without scratching the paint.  Protect the frame with an ultra durable graphene wax layer with Ultimate Graphene Spray Wax.  Finally you can protect your bike day after day with the Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash to encapsulate the dirt, remove it with a microfiber towel, then leave behind a durable traditional ceramic finish.

    Get the gift set with two microfiber towels, a foam applicator, and stickers for free!