Thread-On Schrader Chuck - SILCA

Thread-On Schrader Chuck

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Compatible with all of our Presta Chucks, you can use the hose barb to put this into any 3/16" hose and add thread onto a Schrader valve or connect a Presta chuck that has Schrader threads like SILCA

• Hose barb fits into all SILCA hoses both old and
• Threads onto Schrader valves and all SILCA
chucks with male Schrader threads (17-4 Presta
chuck, HIRO, and CP1 Disc Adapter)
• All metal construction, nickel-plated brass

Lifetime Warranty


The SILCA Lifetime Warranty covers products from manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the user.  It further covers the function of all hard parts for 7 years from the date of purchase.  Expected wear and tear is not covered.  Learn more about warranties.

     This chuck comes from the same vendor who supplied them to SILCA pumps for more than 25 years. It makes a great replacement or addition if you are buying a new Stainless Presta chuck or CP1 Disc Adapter for your older pump. This part is made from nickel-plated brass and uses an o-ring to seal the connection.