Replacement Hose with clamps

What is it?

In partnership with the rubber and tire experts at Continental , we are now selling a custom extruded 3/16" ID air hose compatible with all historic PISTA Handles.

Who's it for?

If you are rebuilding your older SILCA PISTA or SUPERPISTA pump, you should consider this updated hose and clamp.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs

Why We Designed It:

This is a 3 component hose consisting of an inner EPDM hose (most companies stop right there!) over braided in nylon, then over-extruded with a jacket of EPDM.  The result is a hose that has incredibly soft feel with great flexibility, yet exhibits minimal expansion under high pressure to ensure that your efforts go into inflating the tire and not the hose.



  • Includes 3 feet of Black Continental hose and Swiss made Stainless Steel Oetiker Clamps
  • Fits Pista and Super Pista Pumps 1948-current
  • 3 Ply hose rated for 200psi continual use, 600+psi burst pressure
  • Made in USA


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