SILCA 323 chuck gasket for Reversible brass chuck and SILCA Impero head

What is it?

The sealing gasket for at least 3 historic SILCA brass chucks with reversible heads as well as the IMPERO frame pump.

Who's it for?

If you own a classic SILCA floor pump with a reversible brass head or an IMPERO frame pump, this is the replacement gasket. The images on this page shows some of those possible applications.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs

Why We Designed It:

There are at least 3 original SILCA brass chucks that use this gasket as well as the IMPERO frame pump.  However, none of them were as widely sold as the Presta Only chuck and we had been unable to find original 323 gaskets that were unused and in near original condition to assess performance, so the team at SILCA had to completely redesign and optimize this part from scratch.

This modern 323 gasket has been developed using the same high-tech fully synthetic elastomer used on our modern 242 gasket on the SuperPista ultimate.  We find that this material allows for greater valve holding power, greater sealing and significantly improved life expectancy.  New 2-stage Seal Design improves high pressure performance and also makes it unnecessary to press the chuck on as far as the original design required.   With a 323 gasket your classic SILCA pump will literally perform BETTER than new!



Known compatibility

  • Art.24.4, Art.84 & Art.323
  • SILCA Impero frame pump heads


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