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Gravelero Bracket Mount

Regular price$ 10.00

Carry your pump on multiple bikes and save time by having a mount on each one.

• Strong injection molded bracket
• Silicone retaining strap
• Two M5 screws
• Compatible with Gravelero
• Not compatible with Pocket Impero or Tattico

Limited Warranty


Parts covered by SILCA Limited Warranty are considered to be subject to wear through normal use or are consumable subject to degradation through the course of their daily use.  SILCA guarantees them free from manufacturer defects for 2 years.

     The Gravelero bracket is a great way to carry your SILCA Gravelero mini-pump. This bracket is designed to hold the Gravelero in a secure and discreet location under the bottle cage using the supplied longer water bottle screws.  Not compatible with the Tattico.