SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube - SILCA
SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube - SILCA
SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube
SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube
SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube - SILCA
SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube
SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube - SILCA
SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube - SILCA
SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube

SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube

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Clean and quiet running wax based lube that is a perfect addition to our Hot Melt Wax or used on its own.


• Clean to the touch
• Repels dirt and debris
• Easy to apply
• Save up to 7w over other lubes

Limited Warranty


Parts covered by SILCA Limited Warranty are considered to be subject to wear through normal use or are consumable subject to degradation through the course of their daily use.  SILCA guarantees the life of these items to be at least 2 years from the date of original purchase.

    SILCA Super Secret Chain lube started out as a project to develop the fastest Hot-Melt wax lubricant available more than a year ago.  Josh has been recommending Hot Melt Wax and helping Pro cyclists and triathletes wax chains for years and wanted to bring his lubricant formula to our customers, the challenge was how to consistently melt, dip and agitate the chain across different crockpot designs and temperatures.  The project took a fascinating turn from the world of IndyCar when josh was introduced to a group that had developed a technology to put micro-scale wax powders into a solution that was quick drying and forms a coating that is indiscernible from hot melt dipping. The combination of air-drying liquid wax and Tungsten Disulfide would quickly prove to beat all currently available hot melt waxes in friction testing while being much faster and easier to apply.


    • 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles with the precision applicator tip for dripping on your chain or 16 oz. jar with 12 oz. lube (leaving room for your chain) for dipping the chain
    • The chain should be VERY clean and dry before applying, How to Clean and Wax a Chain
    • Apply according to video and let dry for AT LEAST 12 hours for optimal results, 24 hours if applied in cool or humid weather conditions!  We recommend applying the lube AFTER your ride so it's ready for next time!  See Chart Below for more Info
    • NOTE: Over time the WS2 will begin to settle to the bottom of the bottle, shake well before using!


    What temperature can I apply Super Secret Chain Coating? 41 - 95 °F / 5-35 °C

    What temperature is the best for storing the Super Secret Chain Coating? 41 - 86 °F / 5-30 °C

    Please note: Field tests have determined that prolonged exposure to below-freezing temperatures, can cause viscosity breakdown to the Super Secret Chain Coating. The coating will become quite thick. It is OK to apply to the chain as the functionality is still viable. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to clear the cap with a needle.

     Chain Cleaning and Application

    Application Video:


      Chain lube application
      SICLA Super Secret Chain Lube
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      Keith P.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom

      Free watts

      Love this stuff, cheers Josh

      SILCA SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube Review
      kevin o.

      Super Secret is a success

      At 60 yrs. old, cycling over 40 years, finishing 2020 with 16,000 miles for the year, I decided to look into waxing my chains. While researching for a cooker to melt the wax, I ran across Silca's 'Super Secret' wax! I bought a 8 oz. bottle to start, using it to poor into three chain containers, and allowing them to soak for a couple hours. I hate ANY bike noise when cycling, and detest grimy chains that result from constant lubing. My chains, soaked in Super Secret wax, are incredible. Stay clean, quiet, and I get 4 to 500 miles between having to service with a bit more of the wax. I can't say enough about this phenomenal product. I have since purchased the 12 oz. tub of 'Super Secret', and will continue to use it for the rest of my cycling days. Great product, saving me money and time, as no cooker is needed, and it only takes a few minutes to reapply! Thank you Silca!

      SILCA SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube Review
      Frank A.

      I've been riding in Montreal for 20 years now. Always used oil based lube, namely Finishline DRY. However yesterday I took out my old commuter/hard tail for the first time (it's winter here now) since dipping the chain in SILCA Super Secret Lube. I did our local climb up Mont Royal and tested the chain and transmission. This is an older bike that does not get much love maintenance wise. And in the past the transmission was always erratic and choppy. So much so, that I used to try not to shift too much. Yesterday, however was magical! It was a slushy, snowy mess mixed with sand and gravel. The 9s 42-32-22 setup performed flawlessly! I flipped through all the gears like I never have before! Clean, crisp, silent gear changes. When I got home the chain was dry and gritty to the touch. This morning all I did was rinse it with water in a dedicated chain cleaner. And voila! I could once again feel the SILCA wax lube underneath. I just re-applied a thin coat and the bike is ready to roll again. A truly great product. Looking forward to trying it out on my road bike once the 2021 season begins. Thanks SILCA! A very satisfied Montreal customer.

      SILCA SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube Review
      Robert B.

      Best Chain lube

      I've been servicing my own bikes for nearly 50 years. I've used the following, Slick 50, DuPont 24, White Lightning, Rock & Roll Red, NFS, and now this. This is the best lube by far. Clean the chain thoroghly per the video. Then put a drop on each roller. I've tried to do this with all the others. This one makes that relatively easy. I didn't want to over do it so I looped the chain over a storage hook and did each side. Before lube it rested easily on the hook. After, as soon as it went three links into imbalance, the chain just rolled off the hook. The friction is that absent. Riding, it has been great. The shifting is better (Campagnolo Record 11 mechanical) and it runs really quiet. It stays very clean. There was a little grime on the outer plates, but it wiped clean with just a clean cloth. One other tip: I now keep two chains to rotate so I never have to wait for it all to dry. KMC Nickel / Black 11speed.

      SILCA SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube Review


      Thanks so much for the kind words and love hearing about your experience!  Best regards - Josh

      Justin H.

      Awesome wax lube

      I’ve been experimenting with various hot dip wax methods and have not bee throughly pleased with the process or the results. I was finding that hot dipped chains worked but I was still having an issue with duration all outdoors exposure, particularly in a large cargo bike that due to its size sits under a motorcycle cover outdoors all the time. I was getting a lot of rust spotting in the drive train from moisture in the air. Using Silca’s super secret lube I am not seeing those issues and we are closing in on two months of use and I am more than pleased. Using the Silva lube my drive train is able to sit outside covered  and not corrode while running silently and smoothly with significantly less maintenance than traditional lubes. I highly recommend this lube and have slowly been migrating its use to my many other bicycles.

      SILCA SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube Review