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3d printed titanium garmin mount

The MENSOLA Computer Mount

The vision for MENSOLA started with a question ... "What if we could remove traditional manufacturing constraints from the design of a computer mount?" Does anybody really want an extra clamp on their handlebar? Clearly NO, but traditional manufacturing constraints have made it impractical to make all of the sizes necessary to sell a mount that will work with all of the various stem face-plate geometries, so we have still clamps.
3d titanium printing
titanium computer mounts
Anodized Firefly Bike with Computer mount
Mensola Computer Mount
Mensola Computer Mount Firefly
Mensola Computer mount from top
Mensola computer mount on a Firefly
titanium computer mount with mirror finish

Titanium Bolts

The computer mount package includes everything you need for installation. The 4mm hex bolts securely attach the computer mount to the stem and are made from 6Al/4V titanium.
mensola chumba
mensola on a chumba bike
mensola on chumba from top
mensola on chumba from front
SILCA Mensola
mensola from top
mensola computer mount
mensola from the top
SILCA Mensola

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