TATTICO Bluetooth® Mini-Pump

2017 Winner "Gear of the Year"- Men's Journal

The idea for TATTICO Bluetooth came after we received numerous requests from riders asking us to
design a mini-pump that featured a reliable gauge while also staying small enough and sleek enough to remain a true mini-pump. Using our already popular tactical pump TATTICO as a starting point, we partnered with Bluetooth to create a pressure sensor that transmits tire pressure data to your Apple or Android device in real time via an app called iGauge.

Advancements in mobile inflation technology have been one of the trademarks of the SILCA brand for over a century. We invented the frame pump category when we launched the Impero back in the 1920's. We also introduced the world's first regulated CO2 inflator in 1982 with the launch of the EOLO. The arrival of TATTICO Bluetooth signifies our continued commitment to innovation and improvements in mobile inflation accuracy and reliability.
Innovative Design Meets Wireless Technology
TATTICO's innovative design allowed us to implant the Bluetooth pressure sensor into a fully sealed, shock resistant, and waterproof section at the base of the pump body without needing to make the pump any larger. Compared to most mini-pumps on the market, TATTICO's internal working components are inverted. The hose and check valve are housed in the inner-tube of the pump rather than the outer cylinder commonly seen in other designs. This design protects the Bluetooth pressure sensor from the elements and vibrations experienced out on the road or trail which will enable it to function reliably and accurately in all conditions.
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A Tactical Pump For The Versatile Rider
As bike-packing, gravel and other forms of endurance riding continue to grow, the need for a versatile pump grows with them. Unlike road, endurance riding often requires travel and even the more local rides often take the rider much further from home than normal. The ability to self-support in these conditions then becomes more critical so accurate tire pressure reading and the ability to make tire pressure adjustments become really important.

TATTICO Bluetooth is versatile enough to mount on your gravel bike for that 150 mile adventure to the unknown and is also small enough to tuck away in a pannier or bag while traveling. Compatible with both presta and schrader, the pump is accurate to within +/- 2% which makes it more accurate than most floor pumps.
For us, an innovative idea is only as good as it's ability to get you going again when the unexpected happens out on the road or trail. So whenever starting a new project like this, reliability is kept top of mind from start to finish.

Our focus on reliability is what led us to partner with iGauge. The app features a simple design, is easy to use, and offers the rider the choice of measuring pressure in PSI, BAR or KG/CM2. But above all else, we found that it
paired flawlessly with TATTICO Bluetooth every time.

To use the app, simply open it on your Apple or Android device, and begin using
TATTICO Bluetooth. Using the pump powers up a CR2032 battery which then triggers the Bluetooth pressure sensor to begin transmitting data to iGauge. Once you've reached your desired pressure, simply close the app and TATTICO Bluetooth's battery will shut off.

For additional support for using the TATTICO Bluetooth and iGauge you can visit our support page below.
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