T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque

Our Most Versatile Tool Just Got Better
Our renowned T-Ratchet + Ti Torque returns with a few new features that make it more ergonomic, more versatile and easier to use than ever. This multi-tool combines a high-quality t-ratchet with the world's only torque beam that delivers torque from 2-8Nm in real time. Constructed from Aluminum and Titanium with Steel contact points, the tool utilizes magnetic fasteners and a robust combination of components to create over thirteen different tool configurations with torque capabilities in a footprint that fits easily into any jersey pocket.

Put to the Test
Over the past year, the tool's performance and design have been put to the test at the World Tour level by the professional mechanics at BORA-Hansgrohe, scrutinized by frame builders around the world, an used by cyclists of every discipline all over the world to safely and accurately make adjustments to components on the road or trailside. The feedback that we received about the tool has been overwhelmingly positive but that doesn't mean that we stopped looking for ways to improve.
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New Tri-Scale Torque Tube
Side 1
2 & 6Nm
Side 2
3 & 5Nm
Side 3
4 & 8Nm
You Asked. We Listened.
The Torque beam of T-Ratchet + Ti Torque now features three separate torque scales instead of one which allows you to read the torque level more easily and accurately. A common piece of feedback that we'd receive regarding the tool that the original scale was hard to accurately read due to the fact that the units all fell inline and were so close together on the torque tube. We've solved this issue by separating the measurements out and putting them onto three different scales that are located around the torque tube. Not only are the numbers now larger but there's much more space between each which means you can easily see how much torque you're applying.

Another piece of feedback that we heard quite often centered around the fact that the original torque tube didn't allow the user to accurately measure 3 & 5Nm which have become quite common torque levels on carbon components. As we worked on updating the torque tube we went ahead and added these torque levels to one of the three scales.
Unparalleled Functionality and Performance
Full metal construction with a torque tube, ratchet, and ten steel bits with an extender gives you thirteen different tool configurations one. 
Easy to Use
Magnetic components mean this highly ergonomic tools can transform from a screwdriver to a ratchet to a torque tool in a matter of seconds. 
Unparalleled road and trailside adjustment capabilities thanks to the Duck waxed canvas case that easily fits in a jersey pocket.