I want the best
without much effort
I want the best of everything
without removing my chain
I want the lowest wear + friction...chain master

Zero Friction Cycling Test Results

You don't like to get dirty, neither do we

  • Quick apply and go formula
  • No curing time
  • Perfect for E-bikes or commuters
  • Wipe off chain to start and re-apply as needed
  • Perfect for ultra distances and extreme weather
  • Precision applicator tip for less mess, better control
  • Are you technical? What's the science? Click Here

chain removal is for the birds

  • Recommended to start with a clean chain
  • Fully dip the chain for maximum protection and allow it to cure overnight
  • Seals the chain to keep it clean
  • Emulisified hot wax reduces the need to melt it
  • Stays clean to the touch
  • Great travel size and companion for gravel
  • Need a deeper dive into the facts: Click Here

So, you are a chain master

  • Chain removal required with deep cleaning
  • High performance for the lowest friction
  • Lowest wear on the chain and drivetrain
  • Quiet and smooth riding
  • Professional athletes secret regime
  • Top off with Super Secret Chain Coating when needed
  • Perfect for gravel (dusty and/or sandy rides)
  • New to hot wax and want to give it a try...consider using the pouch
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